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Thank you for an unforgettable SpaceUp Finland unconference!




 You can find organizers' photos here. Added a nice video clip by Aalto university film students!

There is also a collective SpaceUp Finland Flickr group here where everyone is welcome to add their event photos. (For some odd reason the group front page claims 0 photos but in reality there is way over 100. Roll the page down to Top Contributors. By choosing latest photo you get to see all of them.)


Rumors are that there might be another event in the future not so far away...




Our event took place in Espoo, Finland on 6-7th February 2016. There were two days filled with interesting presentations and perspectives on space. We had several guest speakers with a good variation of topics from cosmology and philosophy to space science and technology to Mars exploration.


SpaceUp is for everyone who shares interest in space. You can be a space enthusiast, a professional, a student or space just simply interests you. The best SpaceUp is a combination of those all, it produces best talks and most amazing new perspectives!


SpaceUp Finland took place in Espoo, at Aalto university premises in Otaniemi campus. Street address is Otakaari 1 M, Espoo.


The unconference idea is to break the speaker-listener roles, so in addition to keynote presentations part of the program is empty when the event begins. We would love to hear about YOUR thoughts of space and it can be done on a relaxed manner, there are no formal scientific requirements. It can be about science and engineering or more new space related fields like law, medicine, psychology, art, architecture etc. So grab the opportunity and get your 15 minutes in the program and share you interest and knowledge of space. Of course it is perfectly fine to just come over and enjoy the event. More detailed info at Who can attend and What is SpaceUp?

How? Cost?

The fee was 30€ and pre registration was required for the event.

The fee together with support from our Partners is used fully to cover the unavoidable event expenses. SpaceUp Finland is organized by volunteers and it is a non-profit event advancing the knowledge of space and it's possibilities.


It is about allowing new thoughts into mind. It is about connecting with new people and new combination of ideas. It is about networking and finding new possibilities for developing your interest, your job, your company, your organization.


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